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Fagaras Marathon?

Open thread Fagaras Marathon?


Offline Petefijalkowski
Membru ForumPetefijalkowski
Din Iulie 2009
Oras / Locatie : Poland
Marti, 28 Iulie 2009 15:12
Hi welcome to all

Ichr(039)m Piotr from Poznan, Poland. Searching website of Cabana Sambetei Ichr(039)ve found old info from 2003 concerning mountain run from Valey up to the Moldeveanu and back again. Ichr(039)ve been there (in these mountains) a couple years ago and now would like to go back again. Could You please tell me if there are any mountain runs in Fagaras Mountains? Ichr(039)ve found on this forum info of a fagaras maratonul project from Sambetei via Moldoveanu, Negoiu to Balea Lac. Does it exist?

I would be very grateful for any info about it cause besides Ichr(039)m a mountain freak since few years I also take part on mountain runs.

Thank You very much, greetings!

Piotr Fijalkowski

Offline Cornelia DAVID
Membru Ro Club MaratonCornelia DAVIDTrimite Mesaj
Din Ianuarie 2008
Oras / Locatie : Bucuresti
Marti, 28 Iulie 2009 19:47
This marathon not exist, was one edition and just one then stp.
Inform about Marathon Piatra Craiului and try this, will be in 3.oct.2009, check this link:
Exist a project for another marathon in Fagaras but I think will be for next yer.
see you in Piatra Craiului!

Offline Marius Nitoi
Membru ForumTrimite Mesaj
Din Februarie 2008
Oras / Locatie : Romania
Marti, 28 Iulie 2009 20:07
Hi, Piotr.
I live in Warsaw for a year but I am romanian. I am a runner, cyclist, triathlete and I love mountain hiking-running-alpinism. on sept 27 Ichr(039)ll run Warsaw marathon, next week in Romania, Piatra Craiului marathon and, if Ichr(039)ll have something left in my legs, Poznan marathon the folowing week-end. Like Cornelia told you, Piatra Craiului marathon is one of the best races ever. I know that mountains like the back of my hand and been there hiking and climbing many times. if you like mountain running and enjoy limestone sharp ridges and breathtaking views, come in octber in Romania.
for any info, shoot!

Offline Petefijalkowski
Membru ForumPetefijalkowski
Din Iulie 2009
Oras / Locatie : Poland
Marti, 28 Iulie 2009 21:26
Hi Cornelia, Hi Marius, I really enjoy Your answers, thank You very much

So, this year Ichr(039)ll not be able to come to Romania for this Piatra Craiului maraton - I have a 4 months old daughter and this year have other expenses, You know Ichr(039)ve asked this question concerning next year, to plan the holidays in this way. Ichr(039)ve already checked the link Youchr(039)ve mentioned and itchr(039)s really enjoying I guess. Ichr(039)ve been there in Piatra also one time and Ichr(039)ll never forget it

Marius - I invite to Poznan, If You decide for it Ichr(039)ve proposal for You to run in our team "I run for the wolf" - wechr(039)ll promote protection of this species in Poland, running in t-shirts with wolf on it. More details You can find on website:

Marius, have You tried one of the mountain runs in Poland such Bieg Rzeznika (Butcherchr(039)s Run) or Maraton Gorce? Ichr(039)ve been there couple of times. This weekend Ichr(039)m going to Karkonosze mountains for the I Maraton Karkonoski.

Concerning mountains - together with my colleague from running team wechr(039) re going to visit this winter one of these mountains: Maramures, Rodna or maybe again in the UA - Gorgan. I write it cause maybe You would like to join us. I know - chating and planing mountain trips with people from internet is very difficult, but

Cu, Piotr

Ps. Maybe Youchr(039)ll enjoy this short movie from Czarnohora:

Offline Marius Nitoi
Membru ForumTrimite Mesaj
Din Februarie 2008
Oras / Locatie : Romania
Marti, 28 Iulie 2009 22:41
Piotr, my friend, I had so many plans this year and I didnchr(039)t find time for other races. and another problem for me is that I donchr(039)t speak polish and all the web sites with bieganie are in polish. my girlfriend is polish but I got embarrased to ask her all the time for arrangements, reservations etc.
And Warsaw is very far from any mountains, it takes one day to drive. this week end Ichr(039)ll do a cycling race, Tatry Tour, , road cycling, 233km, 3000m total climbing, and then Ichr(039)ll spend 6 days in Zakopane. you said youchr(039)chr(039)re stuck this year with your baby (congrats) but for next year Ichr(039)ll be very keen to join you and your team foer some action.
oh, and by the way, if you find the JACK WOLFSKIN catalog for 2009, youchr(039)ll see a nice story about Romania and saving wolves.
wechr(039)ll be in touch.

PS :how ironic, a pole and a romanian, talking about races in Poland on a romanian forum. cool!

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