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Here's another marathon training tip:

Open thread Here's another marathon training tip:


Offline stefanalex
Membru ForumstefanalexTrimite Mesaj
Din Ianuarie 2008
Oras / Locatie : bucuresti
Sambata, 14 Februarie 2009 13:57
1.-You are now going to learn a little tip on how to
remain relaxed during your marathon race:

As you progress through your marathon you may find
that your muscles start to tense up. This is natural
as you body begins to get tired. However, when your
body starts to tense up then your muscles become
constrained and you will find it more difficult to
run as you start to have to force your body to move
through the restriction. This in turn decreases your
efficiency and your form rapidly starts to drop.

So how do you relax your muscles again to regain
your form?


If you start to find that your form drops off
because your muscles are tensing up, you should
start to focus your attention on your cheeks and

No, thatchr(039)s not a misprint!

As you focus on your cheeks and lips you should
consciously start to allow them to relax. Your aim
here should be to allow them to jiggle.

As you allow your cheeks and lips to jiggle, you
should start to find a trickle-down effect in that
it then allows your entire body to relax. Try it,
it works!
The goal of your marathon training program should
be to increase your weekly mileage to around 35-45
miles per week at around 3-4 weeks before your
marathon. The reason for getting to this level is
so that you can then implement a tapering period
into your training so that you will be in peak
physical condition for race day.

2.-If you are still increasing your training right up
to the day of your marathon then you are not giving
yourself the best chance to reach your potential
in the race. You need a taper period to leave your
muscles fresh and conditioned for your race.
Depending on the marathon you are competing in you
should get to drink stations every 5 miles or so.
As you near the first drink station you should find
that it is quite crowded. If this is the case it
is up to you whether it is worthwhile taking a drink
at the first station or not.

If you do take a drink then you should aim to take
2-3 mouthfuls of water at a time. If you need to
walk to do this then you should walk.

As you are drinking, remain conscious to not gulp
down too much air because this air will act to bloat
your stomach and potentially harm your race result.
That is why it is generally a good idea to walk as
you are taking on liquids.

The main aim throughout your marathon race is to
remain hydrated. Your strategy should be to drink
often and little. Avoid the temptation to take too
much liquid on board but to stop drinking when you
feel you have had enough.
Read on to discover a quick tip on how to conserve
your energy in the beginning stages of the marathon
to give yourself the chance to run to your

3.-As the gun sounds you will naturally feel the urge
to go out hard. That is because you are in an
excited state and feel like you have all the energy
in the world because of all the training you have
put in and because of all the excess energy flowing
throughout your body because of the taper period
you have been in for the last 3-4 weeks.

As you have seen, you should consciously aim to go
out so that the first 3-5 miles feel too slow. If
you have been practicing your marathon race pace
over the 400 meter track distance then you should
have a fair idea of what rave pace is for you.

However, an added obstacle in your marathon is the
thousands of people around you in the race. You
have probably not experienced what it is like to
run amongst so many people before and you may feel
the urge to weave in and out amongst all of your

This is a waste of energy.

If this is the case, just be aware that your
natural instinct is to weave through the crowd.
And consciously avoid the temptation. As the race
progresses, the crowd will naturally start to thin
out and you can hit your natural race pace.

If you are behind your predicted splits at the
3-5 mile marks, this is nothing to be worried about
because it is better to be behind at the start of
the race than ahead. It is a similar story to the
tortoise and the hare. and we both know who won
that race!
4.-Here are a few quick tips to take on the day of
your marathon so that you can get to the starting
line in full peak condition and give the marathon
your best shot:

On the day of your marathon you should be very
familiar with the routine that you should go
through if you have been following the advice
given in `Marathon Biblechr(039) and applying it to your
longer Sunday training sessions.

You should be awake 3-4 hours before the start of
the race, have your breakfast approximately 3 hours
before the start, 2-3 glasses of water to hydrate
your body 2 hours before the start and have your
bag full of everything you need ready to go by your
front door.

As a final check, make sure you have everything by
going through your checklist one final time and
make sure in particular that you have the most
essential items such as your running shoes, shorts,
singlet and entry number. Now is definitely not the
time to start experimenting with your routine!

You should be at the start line around 1 hour before
the scheduled starting time. You should do your
final warm-up approximately 30 minutes prior to the
starting gun sounding and again, make sure that
you avoid the temptation of your warm-up being
too fast.

As you line up to the starting line you should
consciously continue to move your body in order to
keep the blood flowing so that your body remains in
peak condition and so that you can give your body
the best chance of a successful marathon.

It is now that you should be mentally focused on
your marathon vision and know exactly what you want
to achieve. This is the time. This is what you have
been training the last few months for. And you now
know you are in peak physical condition to do this.

Offline Th0n3r
Membru Forum
Din Decembrie 2008
Oras / Locatie : Switzerland
Sambata, 14 Februarie 2009 23:39
a fost interesanta teoria nr. 1. O s-o incerc.
Mersi pt. afisare.

Offline Andrei87
Membru Ro Club MaratonAndrei87
Din Februarie 2008
Oras / Locatie : Cluj-Napoca
Duminica, 15 Februarie 2009 01:06
Corect, cand ai maxilarul, obrajii, si in general intreaga fata relaxata si atarnanda in vant, atunci intreg corpul este relaxat.

Offline Grizon
Din Mai 2008
Oras / Locatie : Bucuresti
Duminica, 15 Februarie 2009 12:57
Eu am incercat astazi la antrenament. Ma relaxasem asa de tare ca incepusera sa-mi fluture si urechile, nu numai obrajii!
Gluma-gluma, dar ideea ca muschii incordati inutil consuma rezerve energetice e foarte adevarata. Iar daca au gasit o metoda sa-ti relaxezi corpul insistand pe o anumita zona, fara sa mai trebuiasca sa "vanezi" muschii incordati inutil prin tot organismul e o treaba foarte buna. Am sa exersez metoda in continuare.

Offline Cris
Membru Forum
Din Aprilie 2009
Miercuri, 29 Aprilie 2009 23:35
Foarte bun articol, mai ales daca esti incepator si nu ai experienta altor curse de maraton.
Btw, ma intrebam daca pentru ce se posteaza in "English speakerschr(039) corner" ar trebui sa continuam sa postam in engleza (raspunsuri, comentarii, etc)?

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