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Sunteti aici :: Povesti » Barcelona Marathon 2008

Barcelona Marathon 2008

Marathon Barcelona 2008 was my second attepmt to finish alive 42 km (about 26 miles) of running. My first marathon happened last year where I ran from Predeal to Poiana Brasov with the final time: 4h:25min ( This time I was hopping to finish under 4h-but for some reasons that didn’t happened! Maybe next time.
Anyway, my friends and I from "Cetatea Brasovului Asociation" took the plane from Bucharest to Barcelona on Wednesday night. We were 9 but only five of us were going to run on Sunday ( from left to right): Razvan, me, Ade, Dadi, Codrut. They all have much more experience in endurance sports than me, so it was a challenge to stay as much as I could closer to them - for anyone who may think- NO! I’m not the massage guy.


Marathon EXPO is a big hall with many sport brands booths and the place athletes take the chips and numbers for the race. It is also a good place to meet and talk with interesting people mostly about the equipment, training and of course the race-and of course girls, I don’t know exactly why, but the subject always suddenly appears (spring is in the air).

7:30 AM preparing for the start-basicly that means to make photos at Start, it’s good to be in the picture at Start at least, I was thinking-you never know about the Finish pics-


-and a last big smile


8:20 AM Espania Square, rock legend Queen singing the great song "Barcelona"

8:30 AM
Ready , Staedy, GOOO!!! No, no wait!! the kenians first! Please anyone step aside allow the skinny guys do their job, this is their job: marathons. So after almost 5 minutes Ade, Razvan and I hit the road, Dadi and Codrut being in front trying to catch the black cheetahs.


After 10 km, next to a Berlin Marathon survivor dude!


who’s the fashion guy in white new shoes, black socks, black shorts, red t-shirt, grey thing on left hand and white bandanna?




1 km , happy to see Patza our photographer

The race route was going nearby the most important tourist attractions: Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou Stadion, Columb Statue, Tore Agbar-but for me at that time they looked much more unattractive compared with the architecture of a bottle with some fresh water.

The last kilometer is always the coolest, the pain suddenly disappears and I start smiling out of the blue. My friends who already finished the race (yeah! I didn’t came first-what did you expect??? jeez-) are grouped together next to a red banner and cheer my name all the way(. As any hero I start running faster thinking that the damn finish line would be right next to them.


Yeah!! who’s the man now!?! Huh! I caaan’t hear you!!!!


I’m sooo gonna finish this!- just 5 more steps-


Ahh! I hope Patza is taking me some nice pictures-


probably i should dance like Michael Jackson, you know, the moonwalking-


After 42km of running I really don’t feel like running back home so I decide to stop. That was the time when my friends stopped clapping hands and start screaming at me: "You idiot. Don’t stop, this ain’t the finish! 200 more meters, retard! THAT way! No, not that way, THAT way!" Right. Typically me, finishing too early :). Damn Spain! Confused for a moment, I take the time to notice that everyone else keeps running (yeah, even the lame Berlin marathon guy) but me. C’mon people, is there any prize or something? Let’s have a sip of water, chill out, you know. Stop, damn it. AAA. Ok, stop? No, really. Stop. No reason to start arguing so I rejoin the pack and start running again.


Incredibly as it seems, I really *don’t* hold that guy’s hand. Really



After the corner the BIG RED REAL finish line was waiting for me for 4h:28 minutes.


1:00 PM The finish!!!


from left to right: Serban( 3:51), Dadi, the iron man(3:08), Ade, the girl (3:50), Codrut(3:13), Razvan(4:08) and of course the last but not the-oh never mind- me( 4:28)-"bloody" asics!!! Congratulations guys, everybody did an amazing job!!!


It was a great race even though I couldn’t manage to finish under 4hours and now after two weeks I still have some injury on my right foot( I could barely write this blog with it:)). Don’t even thing about running a marathon in new shoes!

And the thanks!

Thanks to the dream team from Barcelona, I enjoyed a lot the time with you there!

Special thanks to Tibi, Simona, Ovi, Amo and the production designers team for a great support.


-next time under 4 Cosmin, ok?

Text & photos: Cosmin Maxim

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