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Details Gerar halfmarathon

The competition will take place on 30 January 2011, on the campus of the POLITEHNICA University. The organizers are Asoc. C.S. Ro Club Maraton in cooperation with The Electrical Engineering Faculty within the POLITEHNICA University.

Participants may choose one of the following two races (not both races):

- cross - 3,6 km (1 lap)

 - halfmarathon - approx 21 km (6 laps).  The semi marathon race is a team contest. One team shall have 3 (three) members, who will run simultaneously (not in relay), no more than 5 meters from each other. Non-compliance with this rule will result in disqualification. We suggest "triangle" or "row" formation.

Registration for semimarathon may be made only via website.

Registration for the cros race may be made on the same website, as well as on site in the morning of the contest (depending on number of places available).

Competitors must be at least 18 years old on the day of the race.

Places available:

·               150 runners for cros and

·               60 teams (60 x 3 members) for semimarathon.

Semi marathon contestants that register and pay the participation fee prior to 10 January 2011 will have numbers personalized with their names.  

Participation fees are as follows:

- semimarathon - 45 lei/team:

·               to be paid in account no RO 19 BPOS 7220 6830 387 RON03, opened at Bancpost, Agentia Nicolae Grigorescu,

·               for the benefit of Asociatia Club Sportiv "Ro Club Maraton", tax number: 24276683

·               please mention the team’s name as reference

·               Payment may be made exclusively in the bank account indicated above. Payment is not possible on the day of the competition.

- cros - 10 lei/runner - to be paid on the day of the contest.

All contestants (in both semimarathon and cros race) shall sign on the day of the contest a declaration concerning their health and ability to participate in winter running races.


·               9:00 - picking up the race numbers, access to changing areas and registration for cros race (depending on availability). Numbers pick-up and cros registration close at 10.15.

·               10:30 - cros race starts

·               11:00 - semi marathon race starts

·               12:00 - awards festivity for cros race

·               15:00 - awards festivity for semi marathon race

Time limits:

·               Cros race: 30 minutes. Arrivals after 11:00 will not be taken into consideration;

·               Halfmarathon race: 3 hours. Arrivals after 14:00 will not be taken into consideration.

Other details:  

Travelling and access to competition  :

The access, circulation and exit of vehicles (but ambulances) to/from the campus will not be permitted between 9:00 and 14:30 on the day of the race.

THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE - we thank the contestants and supporters for their understanding.

We therefore recommend the contestants and supporters to use public transportation (subway, buses etc.). Should you wish to come with your personal cars, you will need to obey the access and circulation limitations.

Subway stations nearby:

·               Politehnica (access to Universitatea Politehnica via underground passage under Bvd. Vasile Milea),

·               Grozavesti (access Universitatea Politehnica via Splaiul Independentei/Dambovita peer),

·               Lujerului, former-Armata Poporului  (entry on campus from Bvd. Iuliu Maniu, next to the Electrical Engineering Faculty)

·               Petrache Poenaru, former Semanatoarea (access Universitatea Politehnica via Splaiul Independentei/ Dambovita peer)

Access map (the changing area will be located in AN building).

Weather related warnings

The usual temperature in Bucharest at the end of January is minus 5 - minus 8 degrees Celsius. We strongly recommend the contestants:

·               To wear appropriate running equipment, according to the "3 layers principle";

·               In case of snow, use trail running shoes;

·               Bring over a complete clothing set for changing after the race (including underwear);

·               Bring over socks and shoes for changing after the race.

Refreshment points

One refreshment point for the contestants will be organized on the course, including water, warm tea, isotonic beverage and fruits.

Changing areas

The contestants will have an amphitheater available within the AN building (University Rectorate) for clothes changing. The clothes may be deposited in bags offered by the organizers.  Separate changing areas will exist for cros and semimarathon, respectively - in separate amphitheaters.

Bags deposited under surveillance at the changing areas must be labeled with the contestant race number (provided on site). In order to avoid incidents, we strongly recommend  the contestants not to leave valuable goods in the bags  ; the organizers will not be held responsible for these.

Toilets will be available on the registrations area.


Contestants throwing away litter (packages, liquids etc.) in other places than specially destined will be disqualified.

Supporters with polluting behavior will be removed from campus, in addition to being subject to sanctions according to the University internal Regulation.

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