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Ro Club Maraton EN

(4)ee1lKrmZ_12745.jpgRo  Club  Maraton  is the first club for amateur marathoners based in Romania. The club was founded in the spring of 2008 by a group of runners from Bucharest, and other Romanian cities, as a non-profit organization with goal of promoting long distance running as a  sport for everybody.


The 14 founding members developed the club as a way to get individuals with similar interests and hobbies working together. The organization is open to anyone interested in joining, regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur; if you have just started running, or have been at it for many years; have world-class or beginner-level results; or even whether you have run a  marathon  or other long distance race before, or not. The main eligibility criteria for acceptance to the club are that you are passionate about running, and have the desire to bring a personal contribution  in  promoting running activities in Romania.


As a non-profit organization, club activities are based on  volunteerism. Anyone interested dedicating their time and efforts is welcome to join, but should consider their availability for being involved in organizing club activities, promotions, and so on. In other words, whoever would like to become a member of  Ro  Club  Maraton,  participate in club activities, and take part in competitions under the club brand, do so mainly because they love to run and have an attitude of  camaraderie. The potential material  support  offered by the club (sponsorships, price discounts, barter trades, etc) are benefits each club member can enjoy, considering their personal involvement in club activities.



As a member of  Ro  Club  Maraton, your benefits include


·               Meetings and communication with people sharing the same passion for running;

·               Group training;

·               Coaching for the new or less experienced  by seasoned runners;  

·               A faster basic orientation  to the science and practice of running;

·               An official t-shirt and club badge, received at registration;

·               Sponsorships for  accommodations  during  competitions;

·               Networking with other running clubs from other countries;

·               Price discounts for club members offered for specific products and services, e.g. tailor-made sports equipment,  dietary  supplements,  accommodation  and medical assistance;

·               Price discounts for group participation in competitions  organized  in Romania and abroad.


If this sounds good to you, you should  become a member of  Ro  Club  Maraton today!




Don’t take extra time to think, just do it!


Get into  Ro  Club  Maraton, the largest community of Romanian runners!


Whether  you enjoy running or are simply interested in bringing a contribution to the development of such a community, consider yourself accepted.


It  doesn’t  matter if you  haven’t run a marathon yet, or not; join us, and fulfil your dream.


When you are ready to become member of  Ro  Club  Maraton, simply fill in the short-questionnaire, which will be posted on the secure Members’ of  Ro  Club  Maraton website. The membership fee for 1 year is 50 euro.


From that point forward, you may consider yourself a member with full rights in the club.


We are  waiting  for you!

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